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WMC World champ Nonsai Preparing at Phuket Top Team!

Bangkok’s Lumpinee Stadium savage & former WMC world champion Nonsai is a Phuket based fighter! He is coaching and preparing for his upcoming rematch with Frank Giorgi at Phuket Top Team, one of the strongest Muay Thai gyms Phuket has to offer, and prior to that, he will warm up with a scrap at Bangla Stadium in […]

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Muay Thai star Nonsai ready to rep Phuket in Europe!

Nonsai is a verified savage – my own (unprotected) leg is testament to it. For the last month or so, the Bangkok Muay Thai star and 2x world champion has been coaching and preparing at Phuket Top Team for his upcoming fight in big-time European promotion SLAMM! We look forward to a fantastic display from […]

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Nonsai Kicks Phuket Fight Scribe

The excerpt subsequent to this initial verbiage from your esteemed writer is lifted without reservation or remorse from the prestigious, nigh-on Tolstoyan FightSportAsia.com: “Of all the things I’ve volunteered for, being kicked in the leg by a Bangkok Muay Thai champion for zero payoff is one of the silliest. That being said, God Loves A […]

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