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Phuket Top Team fighter Chase gets ISKA World title shot after winning Bangla gold

Congratulations to Chase! Here is his last fight, in which he won a Bangla Stadium championship with an imperious win over a frankly overmatched opponent from Sinbi Muay Thai. – – Good luck to Chase on his ISKA world title shot. Chase trains under former national stadiums fighters (including Rajadamnern Stadium champion Choek) at Top […]

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Seminar in Phuket: THREE Brazilian Black Belts, one 3rd degree, one 2nd degree!

You gotta Roll With It! – – Wednesday 2nd May, seminar: BJJ in Phuket, 4th degree black belt  Suyan Queiroz, 3rd degree Olavo Abreu, and black belt Rodrigo Praxedes, all rolling on the mats of Phuket Top Team! Joining them will be several MMA fighters such as purple belt and One FC competitor Andrew Leone, […]

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Suyan Queiroz Clowns Andrew Leone: Rolling in Phuket

Andrew Leone is one of Phuket’s première Mixed Martial Artists. But a bad, bad man rolled into town; the 4th degree BJJ black belt Suyan Queiroz, a brother to Phuket Top Team’s 3rd degree black belt Olavo Abreu. Queiroz makes his trip to a gym with a strong love for Jiu Jitsu; witness the recent video of […]

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