Muay Thai In Phuket

The Muay Thai scene in Phuket is very strong.

Due to the large number of tourists in the Patong region, combined with the amount of muay thai training camps in Phuket… the muay thai training and fight scene is probably the strongest outside of Bangkok itself.

There are some 20+ muay thai gyms, ranging from the VERY small to the larger more modern gyms.

3 Main stadiums in Phuket hold regular muay thai events, meaning there is usually 5/6 muay thai events on every week!

Patong (sainamyen Stadium)

Bangla Stadium

and Suwit Stadium

The attraction of Muay Thai in Phuket is well established. The ability to now train traditional muay thai with the worlds best muay thai trainers & fighters, combined with the modern comfort of clean, full facilities for Strength & Conditioning as well as even the ability to train MMA and K1 forms of striking and combat.

This combination means fighters, students and casual trainers can experience everything in the one venue. Whilst still getting the true muay thai feel and effect.

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