Round Are Way The Birds Are Singin’!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s DARE Fightsports “like a fuckin’ navy seal”, it is Jack’s cold sweat and it’s all fun and games in Phuket!

The full-time professional fight team in Chalong is busy busy. With Andrew “Lion Heart” Leone’s forthcoming Road FC flyweight Grand Prix tournament and subsequent appearance at the world Brazilian Jiu Jitsu championships, elder brother Anthony Leone signing to Korea’s #1 promotion Road Fighting Championships and having a big fight in Bellator in December, JJ Ambrose returning to Bellator and also fighting in London, Yung Hwan Ahn fighting in DARE this Saturday, Will Chope winning three fights in China in the space of a month, Tomasz Wodzinski fighting in Ireland, it has been a fantastic week or so for Phuket Top Team, the #1 Thailand MMA camp!

Come on!!!!!!!

Boasting some of the best Muay Thai Phuket has available with former national stadiums veteran fighters as coaches, and 2 resident BJJ black belt coaches, plus the fight team, Top Team is indisputably the place to train in Thailand.

Round Are Way the birds are singin’!

Do it! Book your ticket, come live on a tropical island and improve as a martial artist and competitor!

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