Muay Thai’s Pinto Bros Prepare for MMA in Phuket!

Big news in the Thailand fight world!

The Pinto brothers, Antuan and Leo (21 and 19 respectively) of Siangboxing Gym, are ready to use their 100+ fights worth of Muay Thai experience and step into the cage to do battle under Mixed Martial Arts rules!

An interesting prospect to say the least, as both men are still young, and surprisingly fresh for 100+ fights veterans.

To prepare for the career change, they went to the home of BJJ Thailand to roll with two resident Brazilian black belts, as well as being able to continue Muay Thai training under coaches who boast experience themselves of competing in Bangkok’s national stadiums, the Rajadamnern and the Lumpinee, with several Bangkok notables. Phuket Top Team is one of the strongest Muay Thai Phuket gyms in the area.

Phuket Top Team undoubtedly has the credentials of the #1 camp for MMA Thailand has available.

Stay tuned to find out how the brothers fare in MMA!

Ossssssu & chok dee!

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