Phuket’s Leone Brothers Tour Italy!

Exporting that Phuket MMA style to a historical land of warriors – Italy!

(Ignore WWII and football – prior to that, the Italians were feared as a race of cultured warriors – need I remind you of Ancient Rome? The Roman Empire?)

Andrew & Anthony Leone, all-state American wrestlers, of big league MMA promotions One FC/Road FC/Shooto & Bellator respectively, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belts & both of Phuket Top Team, are being flown by GRIPS Athletic to Italy to do several wrestling and MMA seminars!

Great opportunity for the young men, for GRIPS and for Phuket Top Team to be represented in such a historically rich, major country of untapped resources (MMA wise) as Italy.

The Leones train out of PTT where Andrew coaches the wrestling program. The camp is the home of Thailand BJJ, with two resident Brazilian black belts, and former Rajadamnern & Lumpinee Stadium fighters coaching the Muay Thai program, making PTT the undisputed #1 camp to train MMA Thailand has.


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