WMC Hold Queen’s Cup in Bangla Stadium, Phuket!

Should be a barnburner of a (birth)day!

With a frankly sexual host of Phuket Muay Thai talent, Jesse Robbins, Mr Bouncebackability of Phuket Top Team is set to take part. Phuket Top Team is known as one of the strongest places to train Muay Thai in Phuket.

Here is Jesse’s last fight, also in the very distinctive Bangla Boxing Stadium.

Phuket Top Team also has the best BJJ in Phuket (and Thailand itself) and is the #1 MMA gym in Thailand.

For more information on the 2012 Queen’s Cup, see Fight Sport Asia.com, from which the following is an excerpt;


BIIIIIIIIIIIG day for Muay Thai in the Land of Smiles!

Don’t pencil anything in the “12th August” entry on your calendar. Forget the birthdays of relatives, or that night market you fancied trying out.

With the WPMF hosting an event in the capital, Bangkok, in celebration of the Queen’s birthday, the WMC’s response will be to hold their own major event in Patong, Phuket, at Bangla Stadium, which will be televised live across Thailand!

(This means that non-Thais can watch the card live via thai-tv streaming sites).

The WPMF now have the great Saenchai holding their version of the lightweight world title (as well as his Lumpinee Stadium and WBC belts at the weight) and it can be assumed they will try to get him on the card, provided he is still fresh after his fight with South African Umar Semeta. Former five-time foe Sagetdao could also feature, as the WPMF super-featherweight title-holder, which he beat Penek for last month in Phattalung.

In response to whatever the Bangkok card can host, the WMC will host FOUR world title fights on their Phuket event, two of whom are to be Charlie Boy Peters Singpatong (of the Patong gym of that name, which also has Fighter of the Year Penek, and fellow Lumpinee champions Penthai and Damien Alamos) and the Englishman will face Rolek of Dragon Gym, who has beaten him twice before in non-title fights. Keep checking FSA for Charlie’s mini-documentary on the rigours of training in Thailand.

Tracy Lockwood and Amy Sharp will rematch for the WMC (female) 69kg world title, and Mr “Bouncebackability”Jessie Robbins of Phuket Top Team is also expected to participate.

All fans of Phuket Muay Thai in driving distance who wont need to rely on an internet stream should rock up to Bangla. See you on the Soi afterwards for a lemonade.

Keep smiling.”

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