More Phuket Muay Thai Success for Top Team!

Phuket Top Team is known as the best place to train MMA in Thailand,  yet the camp still holds Muay Thai in great importance!

Here is yet another big win in one of Phuket’s big two stadiums, as Chase from Canada takes the stadium belt and moves on to a shot at an ISKA world title in Australia.

Phuket Top Team is renowned throughout Asia as one of the strongest Muay Thai gyms in Phuket, with multiple fighters from the camp winning stadium titles in Phuket and fighting in Bangkok itself in WMC events. The full-time fight team includes MMA fighters from Bellator, One FC, Strikeforce, URCC, Road FC and Shooto.

What are you waiting for – to sharpen your skills as a fighter while living on a tropical island, rock down and take a session!

Make the move. Biceps are for pussies anyway, adventure is the mark of the true warrior.

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