15yr old Nak Muay Making Waves in Phuket Stadiums!

The youngster Yodteam is a talented, if somewhat lackadaisical youth, but at 15yrs old and already a near-fifty fight veteran, he is one to look out for. His fight record is now 38-8, but nearly all of which were against good opponents.

Here he is competing – and winning – at Bangla Boxing Stadium, Patong, Phuket!


Yodteam trains at Phuket Top Team under former Rajadamnern and Lumpinee Stadium fighters and champions at one of the best places to train Muay Thai in Phuket.

The gym also has world class wrestling available, a full fight team to spar with, and is the indisputably best place to  train BJJ in Thailand under two Brazilian black belts, one of whom is 4th degree in Professor Olavo Abreu, the other being One FC fighter Rodrigo Praxedes.

So if you are an aspiring fighter, beginner or professional alike and wish to join a fight team featuring world class talent from Bellator, Strikeforce, One FC, Road FC and Shooto while living on a tropical island, rock up and join the revolution!

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