Nonsai Kicks Phuket Fight Scribe

The excerpt subsequent to this initial verbiage from your esteemed writer is lifted without reservation or remorse from the prestigious, nigh-on Tolstoyan

Of all the things I’ve volunteered for, being kicked in the leg by a Bangkok Muay Thai champion for zero payoff is one of the silliest.

That being said, God Loves A Trier, and I’d rather do it and have a tale to tell than not do it and forsake one day with a sore leg thigh muscle. I’m just glad Nonsai didn’t go 100% – I think my leg, the pin of a full-time drinker who rarely trains would have broken. Even at half speed & power it felt like a baseball bat – the nerves in his shins are as dead as Elvis.

As it is, it’s just a tad sore. Tigerblood.”

Bangkok Muay Thai savage Nonsai is preparing for his upcoming bouts in the Lumpinee & Rajadamnern Stadiums, and the next SLAMM! event, at Phuket Top Team, alongside the resident coaches, all of whom fought in those stadiums and were champions at regional level (including Rajadamnern flyweight champ Kru Choek) which indisputably makes Top Team one of the strongest programs of Muay Thai in Phuket.

Should he choose to venture down the MMA route, also available is the best BJJ in Thailand.

Any fighter, regardless of skill level and experience, would sharpen the tools in their arsenal at Phuket Top Team. So what are you waiting for – rock up and join the revolution!

Viva La Belgium!

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