Comeback Phuket fighter Jesse Victorious at Bangla Stadium!

What a story! “Bouncebackability” is the buzzword.

Furthermore, with yet another win in the big Phuket Muay Thai stadium, Phuket Top Team is racking up the recent victories on the Phuket Muay Thai scene!

Jesse Robbins, the Ink Asia sponsored fighter survived a horrific stabbing incident last year at the hands of a methamphetamine addict from Russia, only to return to the ring, rack up victories and earn a sponsorship from Phuket’s best tattooists!

More importantly, the likeable young man remains positive and focused on his goals, and claims his outlook on life has changed for the better as a result of the experience. Truly a humbling thing to hear and witness firsthand.

Here is the full fight video:



Comeback Kid Jesse trains at Phuket Top Team under the tutelage of former Rajadamnern & Lumpinee Stadium fighters and champions, in one of Phuket’s strongest Muay Thai programs.

With regards to Mixed Martial Arts, also available in Phuket’s première camp for MMA in Thailand, is the best BJJ in Asia under two Brazilian black belts (one 4th degree, and a One FC contracted fighter) and world class wrestling and MMA sparring with a full time fight team consisting of athletes competing at One FC, Shooto, Road FC, Bellator, Strikeforce and the URCC.

Regardless of your skill levels, you will improve as a fighter at Phuket Top Team… so what are you waiting for, young jedi? Sign up, come out, join the revolution. Hasta pronto, aspira guerrero!

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