Nine-year-old Norwegian Fighting (and winning!) in Thailand out of Phuket Top Team!

“Because the kids are alright… the kids are alright” ~The Who.

What is there to be said? Barbaric or just unique? Quirky and different, or dangerous and morally incorrect? These are questions that westerners asked upon seeing a white western kid do what the world only associates Thais with – step into a ring and fight Muay Thai, with full rules including elbows, knees, kicks and punches to the head.

He’s a talented young whippersnapper, that much is undeniable even to the naysayers who believe (and have voiced, loudly) he shouldn’t be allowed the right to fight even if he so desires (which  he does – he begged his parents for the Thai trip).

Here is 9yr old Norwegian Jon “The Predator” Vetle’s Muay Thai debut in Phuket, Thailand.



Phuket Top Team has the best program of Muay Thai Thailand has to offer in its tourist region of Phuket, along with truly world class BJJ and wrestling. The camp is by far and away the best place to train BJJ in Thailand, under two Brazilian black belts; 3rd degree black belt Professor Olavo Abreu, and black belt / One FC fighter Professor Rodrigo Praxedes.

So whether you are a striker or grappler, Top Team is a camp that will sharpen you up as a fighter.

What are you waiting for? Join the revolution!

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