Phuket Warriors With a Soft Side

The fighting Leone brothers of Phuket Top Team, Bellator/Strikeforce & One FC fighter Anthony, and One FC/Road FC and Shooto’s Andrew, demonstrate that under their tough exteriors they have not only more talent than just fighting and surfing, but a soft side too!

In this glorious video, they dedicate a song to FightSportAsia journalist “Monkey Man”, called “The Fletch Chronicles”. Boom shakalak rude boy!




Both Leones’ train at the première camp for MMA in Phuket (and Thailand itself) under the indisputably best program of BJJ Thailand has to offer with two Brazilian black belts coaching; 3rd degree black belt Olavo Abreu and black belt/One FC fighter Rodrigo Praxedes. Also available at the camp is world class wrestling, MMA sparring with a full fight team including athletes contracted to Bellator, One FC, Road FC, URCC, MFC, F-3, Strikeforce, Shooto and more, and of course world class Muay Thai.

Whether you are beginner, intermediate, advanced or professional, Top Team is a camp that will sharpen your skills as a fighter in one way or another.

What are you waiting for? Join the revolution!

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