Three Top Team Talents Fight on Same Night – Two Stadiums!

It’s the final countdown!

(Anyone who has ever attended Bangla Boxing Stadium got that reference).

Occurring on what is an absolutely huge night and weekend of Muay Thai, with headliners Thong vs. Tingtong contesting the Thailand 122lbs (super-bantamweight) title at the Lumpinee Stadium in Bangkok, Sportswriters Fighter of the Year Penek vs. fellow top p4p ranks member and Lumpinee titan Sagetdao in Phattalung tomorrow and a host of other notable cards, three Top Team fighters compete on the same night tonight, at two separate stadiums, the famous Bangla Boxing and the lesser heralded, more old-school Suwit Stadium.

Of the trio, most notable is 16yr old Yodteam, a youngster with promise, potential and even some newfound sponsors!

Phuket Top Team indisputably boasts one of the strongest programs of Muay Thai Thailand has available in its main tourist region of Phuket, as well as the best BJJ Thailand has to offer with 3rd degree black belt Olavo Abreu. World class wrestling, submission grappling and MMA sparring is available also, with a full fight team including professional Muay Thai boxers, and professional Mixed Martial Artists competing in One FC, Bellator, Strikeforce, the URCC, Road FC, Shooto and more.

Whether you are a beginner, amateur, intermediate, advanced or professional, Phuket Top Team is most definitely a place where you will develop as a fighter, so rock up and join the revolution!

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