They may be bad but they’re perfectly good at it…

One FC fighter and purple belt Andrew Leone, with Professors and partners in crime, the Brazilian black belt duo Rodrigo Praxedes and (3rd degree) Olavo Abreu are Ricardo Arona-style jiu jitsu lifestylist advocates for life!

Allow me to present to you a video of the rolling done at Phuket Top Team that exemplifies this jiu jitsu spirit taken towards the surfing and grappling and ahem, cough-cough, lifestyle that leads to such xen, peace of mind, forward thinking and purity of spirit!

Disfruta, chicos.



Due to the program being run by Abreu and Praxedes, Phuket Top Team has the undisputed best BJJ Thailand has to offer, along with world class Muay Thai, wrestling and MMA sparring, making Top Team the best camp to train MMA in Thailand, bar none!

Join the revolution!

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