GRIPS sponsor Buakaw and the LEONE BROTHERS of Phuket Top Team!

Chok dee cap & ossssu!

Hong Kong based Fightwear company GRIPS now support former K-1 and S-Cup superstar BUAKAW (rumoured to be keen on starting an MMA career) and Phuket Top Team’s fighting siblings Andrew and Anthony Leone, of One FC/Shooto and Bellator respectively! What a coup!

Buakaw Banchamek (famously embroiled in heated debate with his former camp Por.Pramuk, which has reportedly led to his Muay Thai retirement) is currently at Top Team affiliate Epic MMA in Hong Kong, and the Leone brothers are full time at Top Team with the best BJJ Thailand has to offer, under the auspices of 3rd degree black belt Olavo Abreu. Also available is world class wrestling, Thailand MMA sparring unavailable elsewhere in the country, and the best Muay Thai Phuket has to offer.

Join the revolution – check out Chalong, Phuket’s Phuket Top Team, the best MMA camp in Thailand! Ossu!

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