Phuket Top Team’s Adam Kayoom Talks Victory over Gregor Gracie!

A fantastic victory.

“We had the gameplan coming in”, says this quiet, humble man. from Malaysia, who trains his “Magical Ray Elbe, Olavo Abreu, they talked gameplan and planned my jiu jitsu game out. In the end, it worked well.”

That is certainly an understatement. Kayoom effectively withheld and deflected all grappling offence from the 2x world BJJ champion Gracie, and picked apart the Brazilian striking, showing the gulf in class striking between a Rajadamnern Stadium fighter and WPMF world titlist and the average MMA fighter in the stand-up realm of fists and feet.

Adam Kayoom prepared for his bout at Phuket Top Team, coached in Muay Thai by fellow former Rajadamnern (and Lumpinee) Stadium veterans and champions, in what is the best Muay Thai Phuket has to offer. Under 3rd degree black belt Olavo Abreu and black belt Rodrigo Praxedes, Phuket Top Team also boasts the indisputably best BJJ in Thailand. World class wrestling and MMA sparring is also available, and there is a full-time fight team at PTT that includes fighters from Bellator, One FC, Shooto, Road FC, the URCC and other promotions, not to mention a full-time Muay Thai team also.


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