Phuket Success at One FC: Destiny of Warriors!

The fourth One FC event, titled “Destiny of Warriors” was largely a night of triumph for Phuket Top Team.

Malaysia’s première Mixed Martial Artist and Top Team member Adam “Shogun” Shahir Kayoom (former Rajadamnern Stadium ranked Nak Muay and WPMF Muay Thai world champion) defeated fellow BJJ black belt and heavy favourite Gregor Gracie. The Gracie family member could not work his way past Adam’s solid defensive bottom game, and the Malaysian got to his feet to pick apart the Brazilian.

Professor Rodrigo Praxedes almost finished fellow Brazilian BJJ black belt Marcos Escobar with a big punch and subsequent ground’n’pound, though Escobar hung tough and managed to survive and scramble out. Praxedes pressured before succumbing to cardio issues, and Arnaud Lepont won an entertaining war with Brian Choi.

Top Team rolled deep at the event, with Roger Huerta also co-representing. PTT’s One FC fighter Andrew Leone was present, sat front row with Fight Sport Asia’s “Monkey Man”, undoubtedly the two best looking people sat press row.

Phuket Top Team indisputably boasts the best BJJ in Thailand under 3rd degree black belt Olavo Abreu and black belt Rodrigo Praxedes, the best Muay Thai in Phuket, the best wrestling under former 2x All State American wrestler Andrew Leone, and the best looking journalist in the world. Osssu hermanos y hermanas, hasta pronto!

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