Phuket Posse Hit Malaysia for One FC: Destiny of Warriors

I say a boom boom boom… let me hear you say way-oh.

Phuket Top Team are represented in full in Malaysia for One FC IV: Destiny of Warriors. Owner Boyd Clarke, coaching staff, and the fighters Adam Kayoom, Rodrigo Praxedes, and Roger Huerta, plus resident journalist “Monkey Man”, all rocked up in the Berjaya Times Square Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, and the team are ready for battle.

Top Team has the best BJJ Thailand can offer, with two Brazilian black belts (one 3rd degree), and several full-time purples and blues on the mats. World class wrestling, MMA and of course Muay Thai is available.  PTT boasts one of the strongest programs of Muay Thai Phuket can offer, one of Thailand’s busiest tourist destinations and a lovely island.

Whether you are a professional, an advanced, intermediate or beginner, Phuket Top Team is accessible to all. Join the revolution!

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