Not Just MMA in Phuket: Check out 13yr old Yoduman

Phuket Top Team is known as one of the première Mixed Martial Arts camps in Asia.

Along with the best BJJ Phuket (and Thailand itself) can offer, under two Brazilian black belts (3rd degree and 1st), Top Team also offers world class wrestling, boxing and Muay Thai. The Phuket Muay Thai scene is a healthy one, with the two main stadiums in Patong (Bangla stadium and Patong stadium) accommodating PTT fighters.

Here, Yoduman (13) who has only trained four months, with no prior Muay Thai experience, shows how strong the Muay Thai is at PTT with his fourth professional fight (now 3-1 – three of said fights were at Bangla Stadium)



Follow Yoduman’s progress with the youtube documentary “8 Limbs: Life of a Nak Muay” .

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