Amateur Asian MMA Circuit! Nothing But Good for Phuket

Phuket, like the rest of Thailand, is a place where professional Mixed Martial Arts is explicitly illegal.

T’is a shame, with Phuket Top Team hosting several world class fighters who are preparing for bouts in One FC (four One FC fighters at PTT) and Road FC. So it is with a sigh of relief that we can treat the news that the One FC Network will be working to implement an amateur circuit in Asia.



With the formation of an amateur circuit, all the hungry young fighters based in Thailand will have a platform on which to compete, develop and progress as fighters, gaining invaluable experience.

Phuket Top Team in Chalong is the première camp for MMA in Phuket, with several One FC contracted fighters preparing for their bouts there, with team fighters who compete in Bellator, Road FC and URCC. There is no BJJ in Thailand on the level of Top Team, with 3rd degree black belt Olavo Abreu and undefeated MMA fighter and black belt Rodrigo Praxedes.

Also available is world class wrestling, boxing and Muay Thai. Phuket Top Team is known and respected as one of the foremost Mixed Martial Arts camps in Asia.

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