Phuket at the One Asia MMA Summit!

We’re gonna rock down to, electric avenue, and then we’ll take it higher!

Phuket’s première MMA camp in Thailand and Asia’s première combat sports website (Phuket based) were invited out to the gathering of all “industry leaders”, movers and shakers in Asia MMA. Boyd Clarke of PTT was invited to speak on several occasions, to advise other gym owners how to create, cultivate, build and manage a successful fight team, as he has done at PTT with such names as Roger Huerta, Adam Kayoom, Rodrigo Praxedes, Andrew Leone, and more.

Chatri of the One FC network and Evolve founder gave some insight in a chat with FSA;


Phuket Top Team has four fighters currently contracted to One FC. This month, Adam Kayoom will face Gregor Gracie, Rodrigo Praxedes takes on Marcos Escobar, and Roger Huerta will face an as yet unknown opponent filling in for the newly medically suspended Phil Baroni. Andrew Leone will compete in the Road FC bantamweight tournament this month, but he will go on to compete as a flyweight in One FC.

They train with the best BJJ in Thailand at Top Team under two Brazilian black belts (one 3rd degree), and have world class wrestling, boxing and of course Muay Thai at their disposal also.

Viva la revolucion!

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