Will Chope wins F-3 Title!

Phuket Top Team’s Will Chope wins again!

The former 1-4 record-holding Chope mounted an amazing career-turnaround, and has posted a 10-1 streak. His latest win, taking him to 11-5 professionally, was for the F-3 title.

F-3 are a Malaysian promotion that host MMA and Muay Thai fights. Phuket Top Team fighter/coach Lucky was scheduled to fight for their 63kg Muay Thai championship belt, but the fight was postponed.

Phuket Top Team hosts a solid roster of MMA and Muay Thai fighters, most of whom fight for good promotions in Asia such as One FC, URCC, Road FC, Legend FC, and F-3, and in Muay Thai in F-3, the Kings Cup, and on WMC events. PTT offers the best boxing and best BJJ in Thailand experience with 3rd degree black belt Olavo Abreu and Professor Rodrigo Praxedes, black belt and undefeated MMA fighter.

For the best Phuket MMA experience, join Phuket Top Team – viva la revolution!

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