Phuket Trio Are Ready for War! Leone, Praxedes, Kayoom.

A trio of highly capable Phuket MMA fighters are ready for war!

As big things continue to happen in Phuket, with the Muay Thai documentary featuring Nak Muay’s from Phuket Top Team, and as the gym hosts such events as the FOUR BJJ black belts seminar, featuring 4th degree Suyan Queiroz and 3rd degree Olavo Abreu, meanwhile three of the gym’s warriors are preparing for battle.

*PTT Wrestling coach and 10-1 MMA fighter Andrew Leone will participate in the finals of the Road FC Bantamweight tournament.
*BJJ Black Belts Rodrigo Praxedes and Adam Kayoom will participate in the fourth One FC event in Malaysia.

Exciting times for Phuket MMA!

MMA in Phuket has never been better, with  multiple BJJ black belts, multiple Thai national stadiums fighters, world class boxing, wrestling and BJJ instruction, all under one roof at Phuket Top Team. Come train MMA in Phuket!

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