Muay Thai documentary from Phuket: “8 Limbs: Life of a Nak Muay, Episode 1”

As promised, the Muay Thai documentary from Phuket Top Team: 8 Limbs, Life of a Nak Muay!

Featuring former national stadiums fighter Lucky, and the young beginner-cum-ring-veteran Yoduman, the documentary will look at the lives of these fighters and others in and around the camp, their training and fights and what it entails to be a professional Nak Muay in Phuket. Both cases are striking; Yoduman is from a poor family, who chose Muay Thai over schooling through necessity, started training less than three months ago, and has already fought twice in Bangla Stadium, and once more on Ko Yao Noi island in the course of this documentary. Lucky on the other hand is 29yrs old, and competed in the national stadiums, Rajadamnern and Lumpinee, until a nasty arm break one year ago exiled him to the sidelines, and he came to Phuket to be a Muay Thai coach at Top Team. Now, rested and recuperated, he’s ready to jump back into the ring and see how far he can go in what is definitely the twilight of a Thai Nak Muay’s career.

Here is the inaugural episode of 8 Limbs: Life of a Nak Muay:

To train MMA in Phuket has never been more opportune for aspiring fighters. World class boxing, wrestling and Muay Thai instruction, and the best BJJ in Thailand under 3rd degree black belt Olavo Abreu of Brazilian Top Team, and Robson Mauro black belt and undefeated MMA fighter Rodrigo Praxedes, Phuket, Thailand is definitely a place that can accommodate world class fighters, under the banner of Phuket Top Team.

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