Amazing seminar in Phuket: FOUR BJJ black belts, one 4th degree one 3rd!!!

At Phuket Top Team!

BJJ in Thailand has never been a more desirable and rewarding experience as today, under the banner of PTT. Boyd Clarke, owner and fighter at the gym, assembled his own coach, 3rd degree black belt Olavo Abreu, assistant and black belt Rodrigo Praxedes, and star guest 4th degree black belt Suyan Queiroz, along with a fourth black belt as guest, Ray Elbe.

The seminar was populated by four black belts (one fourth degree, one third degree), four professional Mixed Martial Arts fighters, two purple belts, and a handful of blue belts and beginners looking to learn from some truly exceptional, outstanding grapplers from the top table of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

MMA in Phuket has come on leaps and bounds, with the camp that Boyd Clarke has assembled at Phuket Top Team, with world class boxing, wrestling and Muay Thai coaching also available, and a handful of professional Mixed Martial Artists and Nak Muay calling the camp their home.

Stay tuned for the “8 Limbs: Life of a Nak Muay” documentary that the gym is releasing in several parts. Episode 1 is already on youtube, FightSportAsia and Liverkick.


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