“Life of a Nak Muay” Phuket documentary star Lucky fights in Ko Yao Noi

Excerpt taken from FightSportAsia.com;

“He is a main focus of a soon-to-be-released Muay Thai documentary from Phuket Top Team in Thailand, tentatively titled “Life of a Nak Muay”.

“Lucky” – known to his friends, fans and family as พ่อค้ากำปั้น สู้เพื่ออนาคต – is a Muay Thai coach at Phuket Top Team. Prior to his arm break, he rose to the top of Muay Thai in his home country, fighting in both national stadiums, the Lumpinee and the Rajadamnern. After his arm break, he became a Kru at Phuket Top Team in Chalong, Phuket where he remains to this day… but his arm is now fully healed, he has the benefit of a year of rest and recuperation from the wear and tear of Nak Muay life, and he is ready to jump back into the ring and dedicate himself to to fighting once again.

Tonight, he fights on Ko Yao island, and then again in a fortnight in Malaysia for a regional title belt. His fighting juices well and truly flowing again after his enforced exile from the ring, one hopes that his nickname lives up to expectations and that in future he has more ‘luck’ on his side with regards to injury. Because injury free and focused, Lucky is a bad man, and a force to be reckoned with at his weight class.

Stay tuned – also featured will be little 13yr old prodigy Yoduman, who has only trained Muay Thai for less than 14 weeks but has already fought twice in Bangla Stadium.

For the record, Lucky’s real name translates to something truly magnificent on google. All rise, for our own beloved Nak Muay, Sir “Merchants Fist Fight for the Future“. Chok Dee chico”

For those who train MMA in Phuket, Lucky can be seen every morning smashing pads and putting work in, before his day that consists of Muay Thai coaching and sneaking in quick bits of training here and there. Oftentimes I have been on the brink of going to bed, when I pass a newly risen Lucky starting his day off with a good session.

Lucky, alongside other former national stadiums fighters including former Rajadamnern champion “Choek”, coaches Muay Thai at Phuket Top Team, which also offers world class boxing training, and the opportunity to train BJJ in Phuket, under world class coaches such as 3rd degree black belt Olavo Abreu, black belt and undefeated One FC fighter Rodrigo Praxedes, and wrestling coach and purple belt jiu jitsu player Andrew Leone.

Phuket Top Team is on Soi TaAed, Chalong, Phuket, and is most definitely spearheading the current boom of MMA that is undoubtedly in effect right now. The self-proclaimed “world’s fastest growing sport” really does live up to its moniker here, on this beautiful island of Thailand, as Phuket Top Team leads the way in combining genuinely world class coaching and training in Muay Thai, wrestling, boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Finally, there is a gym in Thailand that can support world class MMA fighters.

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