Suyan Queiroz Clowns Andrew Leone: Rolling in Phuket

Andrew Leone is one of Phuket’s première Mixed Martial Artists. But a bad, bad man rolled into town; the 4th degree BJJ black belt Suyan Queiroz, a brother to Phuket Top Team’s 3rd degree black belt Olavo Abreu.

Queiroz makes his trip to a gym with a strong love for Jiu Jitsu; witness the recent video of Leone and the boys rolling, titled “When The Smoke Clears” for a taste of what it is like to train MMA in Phuket Top Team.

Queiroz will be spending his time in Phuket choking Andrew Leone out, alongside black belts Abreu and Nova Uniao’s Rodrigo Praxedes, an undefeated MMA fighter in his own right. For those looking to train BJJ in Phuket, now is the perfect time, with such high calibre grapplers and all of them great guys in their own right.

Leone’s first grapple with Queiroz led to the NY man puffing, panting and wheezing like a chain-smoking pensioner who’d just fallen victim to a vicious rape. Prayers were said, incantations chanted, and happily enough he recovered sufficiently to not die in his sleep.

In other news, The Titanic is in cinemas now, get yourselves down Central and you can rock down to – electric avenue – and then we’ll take it HIGHER.

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