Black belt Rodrigo Praxedes coaching/training in Phuket!

Rodrigo Praxedes, BJJ black belt and undefeated Mixed Martial Arts fighter currently contracted to One FC, is coaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Phuket alongside 3rd degree black belt and Brazilian Top Team founding member Olavo Abreu at Phuket Top Team.

Rodrigo earned his belt under Robson Moura, and the Nova Unaio camp, home to such current MMA luminaries as Jose Aldo and Marlon Sandro. He will train MMA in Thailand alongside fellow One FC fighter Andrew Leone at Phuket Top Team. A beneficial pairing if ever there was one – Andrew’s NY state champion-level wrestling skill will undoubtedly help improve Rodrigo’s all around grappling game, whereas Andrew’s own progress as a Jiu Jitsu player will come on leaps and bounds as a result of regularly rolling with a superior submission artist.

World class Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is now available in Phuket, Thailand, with Professors Abreu and Praxedes coaching full time and a host of brown, purple and blue belts rolling in their classes. This has helped solidify Phuket’s claim to now be able to host world class MMA fighters and give them to training and conditions they need to succeed in the sport.

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