Work Hard to Get Results in Phuket

Phuket, Thailand…. the tropical island that offers so much.

There are many reasons to visit Phuket and explore this amazing and unique island.

People from across the world make Phuket the go to destination, the beaches, cheap shopping, relaxing atmosphere combined with the vibrant night-life all put into a tropical island !

There is of course a whole other side to Phuket and Thailand, a reason beyond the standard tourist attractions.

Muay Thai is a part of Thai life, culturally it is on par with the temples & buddhism… as the most recognisable elements of Thailand.

As the world has grown to embrace MMA (mixed martial arts) so too has Thailand. Phuket is the front-runner in the expanding MMA scene of Thailand.

For those that choose to train MMA in Phuket, there is one glaring reality…. Hard Work is needed to achieve Results.

Sure Phuket is a tropical island with beautiful women, amazing beaches etc etc. However the student or fighter looking to make Phuket his MMA training destination must realise the results must be earnt.

There is no better place to put you head down and train with the worlds best, no family, no work and no stress!

The time between training sessions and one the weekends can be filled with any one of the many things Phuket has to offer.

“Like a blacksmith pounding a piece of red-hot metal,

hard training shapes and changes your body and mind.

It is not by rubbing or patting it, but only through continuous hard work

that an ordinary object can become a sword”



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