Phuket, The Tropical paradise of Thailand

Phuket, Thailand…. the tropical island that people come and fall in love with.

This place has so much to offer and specificly so much to offer the budding or current muay thai, mma , K1 or boxing fighter.

The MMA Scene in Phuket is something so fresh and yet so jam packed full of options and experience levels, its absolutely incredible.

From Bjj Black belts to brazilian Born and bread Jiu Jitsu teachers, who have come over to spread the Brazilian styles of BJJ e.g. Prof. Olavo Abreu & Prof. Rodrigo Praxedes

All the way to a Romanian via Russia – Sambo/MMA & Boxing coach like Silviu Vulc

The attraction is simple for these Foreign mma trainers, Phuket is a slice of paradise.

The beaches, the weather, the atmosphere, the fresh air, the thai smiles, the cheap shopping…. the list is nearly endless.

However one of the biggest things that is now dragging people to Phuket, the Muay thai and MMA scene !

Muay thai has been a part of the scene for longer than any other sport in Thailand. However MMA (mixed martial arts) is a new sport, a new feel and a new wave of interest is being brough to Phuket and the Phuket MMA scene.

Training MMA for fitness, personal development, to eventually fight or even to currently fight. The options are wide and varied.
The best part is, Phuket – the greatest place on earth… is now offering you some of the best mma training and mma training camps in the world !

The truth is easy to see and the adventure of coming to Phuket and training here, i guarantee – is priceless.

Have a look at some Great Video Clips to see what im talking about.

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