Taking It From Phuket To The World !

Phuket is now producing muay thai, K1 and mma stars that are taking there skills abroad for big international fights !
The K1 scene in Phuket does not exsist, so getting fighters k1 fights means sending them to China, Malaysia, Japan and beyond.

The MMA scene in Phuket may be small now, but still we are able to see MMA fighters flying from Phuket to China, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Philipines and many more countries.

Thai fighters and Fighters based in Thailand are in hot demand !

Thailand is situated very well to be able to get fights in the Asian / Pan Asian and S.E.Asian regions.

Phuket Top Team MMA Training Camp based in Phuket Thailand, has sent and does send fighters regularly to many countries in the region.

In the space of 3 week P.T.T. sent fighters to K-1 China shows, Bangkok Pro MMA Event (Dare Fc), Macau event Legend Fc with Rob Hill as well as fights in America, Australia and Malaysia. Including Cyrus washington fighting on the reality muay thai show The Challenger followed by his super fight with Kaoklai at Thailans Vs challanger.

So make your way to Thailand, train hard and allow Phuket and the MMA Scene to open the door to oppertunities you may have only dreamed of before!

Phuket Top Team MMA Training Camp is currently searching for fighters to fill the international roster. So possibly take a look over there.

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