10 Reasons To Be In Phuket

1) The weather is amazing!

There are 2 seasons, Wet and Amazing.

While the wet season in phuket may rain alot, the actual temperature is still really nice.

Ive yetto see a cold day in over 5 years !

For at least 8 months a year people can relish in the ability to go to the beach and enjoy the amazing tropical views and atmosphere.

2) The islands & Beaches

The beaches are MAN in and around phuket.

You will find tropical trees, open white sandy beaches and crystal clear water.

Phuket is just one big island with Beaches as its key feature!

Surrounding Phuket is also a huge amount of islands, beautiful, amazing and so naturally filled with life and adventure.

For more videos and images of the many activities of Phuket Click This Link

3) The training of course !

Muay Thai is the backbone of Thailand, the scene in Phuket is incredible.

More former and current Lumpinee, Raja and world champions than you can poke a stick at (please note – we do not advise poking sticks at muay thai champions)

A fine example of the ability to train with the best of muay thai is Phuket Top Team – With 2 x lumpinee champions, 2 x WBPA champions and numerous other regional muay thai champions, you will be able to learn from the best, in the incredible surroundings of Phuket. Then you have the MMA, Wrestling and boxing with 2 Bjj Black Belts – 1 wrestling coach, a strength and conditioning coach and of course a world class boxing trainer

4) Cultural diversity and unique living

Thai culture is well-known for the relaxed atmosphere combined with the glaring happiness of the ‘Land of Smiles’

The climate calls for a very chilled out lifestyle, work is important… but only second behind the need to do things in ‘Thai Time’

The culture is one dominated by the Buddhist belief system, although the belief in a certain god or method of religious ethics is NOT demanded or forced on anyone.

Respect is important, this means those who are disrespectful will find themselves quickly outcast or in uncomfortable situations.

For more information on Thai customs and lifestyle Click This Link.

5) The cheap shopping

Markets on every street corner, shopping centres with prices much cheaper than your average western shopping centre and mega tourist driven shopping districts like Patong, Kata and Karon !

Markets are the key to a great shopping experience, with cheap shopping available all through phuket.

The atmosphere at the many markets is something to behold, you will find beggars, musicians, bustling shoppers, various and unique food options and of course Bartering going on left, right and centre.

6) The nightlife

Phuket has a number of areas known for a great night out… Unique YES, but still a fun night !

Patong is the main place for your debauchery and chaotic night out. Kata, Karon and Rawai also offer the same kind of night out on a slightly smaller scale.

For more photos, videos and info. on nights out in Phuket Click This Link.

7) the amazing tastes & foods of Phuket

Food glorious Food… sold on every street on every corner and even on push carts that patrol random areas looking for hungry customers. The food ranges from a Little spicy to Holy Shit Spicy.

There are healthy and un-healthy options, but the best part of it all is the price.

A standard thai meal (filling and nutritious) might set you back 60-80 baht. I guarantee you will never go hungry if your being hosted with or around Thai people.

8) The people & the Smiles

 The feeling of general happiness is something most tourists notice on first landing in Phuket and Thailand in general.

The children seem to run wild, most of the time this is in a good, positive and happy manner.

Smile and you will be smiled back at, In fact… be grumpy and you will probably get smiled at 🙂

9) The freedom Phuket Offers

 The freedom to not be busted for speeding, the freedom to relax, the freedom to not feel insecure or to have to meet certain fashion standards. Phuket you live as you wish, you are free to do as you wish as long as what you do does not negatively effect others.

The government does not tax you at every turn, you can consume alcahol as you stroll along the beach, you can live with much fewer worries.

10) Sorry ive got to mention the training again !

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